Communication Practice

In Medway we operate an open-door policy. So in theory the students can come to a lecturer's office whenever they want and ask questions. This is a great thing, which creates a friendly environment where students can just come and see their lecturers.

However, in practice this is not always very practical. Many times I can be very busy preparing for other lectures, marking, or working on my own research projects. So when students come, I have to tell them that I can't see them at that moment and that they should email me to arrange a meeting.

I should point out that the above (i.e. emails) is my preferred communication practice. I tend to reply to emails relatively fast (normally within a few hours), so arranging a meeting with me shouldn't be a problem. And then students can be sure that I will be in my office and available for them. So please do email me if you are interested in coming to my office to see me, particularly if the topic you want to discuss is teaching-related.