PhD application process, University of Kent

I often get emails by students interested doing a PhD in my research area (Computational Finance). The purpose of this short article is to summarise some of the key points of information students should be looking into. This information is related to the University of Kent only.

Some useful links:
General information about PhD in Computer Science, and Entry Requirements:
Information for tuition fees:
Funding information:
Another useful link on funding:

You should also keep in mind that other funding oppurtunities can arise, in the form of part-time jobs. Many PhD students work as Teaching Assistants/Class Supervisors. This can indeed offer some financial support for your studies. More importantly, it offers invaluable teaching and work experience.

How to apply:

Lastly, when it comes to PhDs, it can be particularly useful if you have identified an area or a topic of interest for your future research. You should then find a supervisor from the School that is doing this kind of research and try contacting him/her, and expressing your interest.