Remarks on "effective" communication with students

I was in a meeting today, where one of the points that was raised was effective communication with undergraduate students. Apparently students don't like email communication-they rather prefer other means like Facebook and Twitter.

I can appreciate one of the students' point that they get spammed with many email messages every day, which makes it not very easy to keep an eye on them. However, I wonder whether the students would use the same argument with their future employer. I say this many times in my classes when I teach, that the students' time here at uni is some kind of training for their real life a few years from now. What we do here, is most likely going to happen at their future work place. So, students should ask themselves: would you really go to your boss and say that you don't like him sending you emails, and you'd rather he created a Facebook group? I don't think so!

I'm not saying the above to complain about the students way of thinking or anything else like that. I just hope that one day they realised and appreciated that these little things are there for their advantage...